Adat Chaverim Blog Guidelines

Voices of Adat Chaverim

This blog is the voice of our congregants. See the world through their eyes and stories.


Any member of Adat Chaverim is free to submit a blog entry, please email


Blog entries are varied and are addressed to any type of audience.
Post Styles

Several types of posts are generally acceptable for the blog:

  • First-person perspectives or personal essays on matters of Reform Jewish interest
  • How-to pieces (e.g. how to create a successful congregational budget)
  • Blessings, prayers, or poems
  • Divrei Torah or other commentary on Jewish texts
  • Sermons or speeches
  • Commentary on articles, videos, or podcasts of Reform Jewish interest
  • Remembrances, whether personal memoirs or memorial tributes to those who have recently passed, or of long-gone figures of interest
  • A good blog post often includes a call to action, e.g. the end of a post lists ideas, poses a question, or asks users to post their own thoughts.


  • Do not use underlines or all caps for any reason.
  • Linking is preferred to footnoting.
  • Avoid use of the words “click here” or “here” when linking to a referenced item. Instead, link to a relevant part of the sentence.
  • Wherever possible, link to cited sources and any material that is referred to, especially material that exists on any Reform Movement website.
  • Italicize transliterated Hebrew or other languages and include a translation of such words and phrases upon first mention.
  • Indent paragraphs of quoted material.


  • Please have your articles proofread.


Title and Bio

All submissions must include a title, and should be signed by their authors.

A one- or two-line bio can be supplied with the author’s title, position, or affiliation, if pertinent.


Reproducing copyrighted material is not permitted. Photos may only be used if you have rights to use them or have received written permission from the copyright owner. Photos on Flickr that use the Creative Commons licensing agreement may be used with a credit, as per the Creative Commons rules. Our editors may add appropriate photos or other graphics at their discretion.


Videos that have been posted on YouTube or Vimeo may be embedded in a blog post without permission from the original poster.

Terms and Conditions

Posts cannot include any material that is defamatory or violates the rights or privacy of others in any way.


Posts should not read as advertisements, brochures, or marketing pieces for any event, program or offering, as such posts will discredit the integrity of the blog as a place for discussion of Reform Jewish issues. Instead, if you are seeking to promote an event, program or other offering, choose a topic that is related to it, expound upon it, and mention/link to the product you are promoting at the end of the piece.

Voices of Adat Chaverim is a place for describing new initiatives, especially the trends and events that may have led to their development. First-person perspectives and essays that highlight the work of your organization work particularly well here.


Adat Chaverim will promote selected posts via its social media channels, including but not limited to:

  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook)
  • E-newsletters
  • Encouraging staff, board members, affiliates, and others to read, comment and share posts
  • Blog authors are encouraged to promote their posts using their personal social networks and to share their posts with their congregations for further promotion.