Regret and renewal come together in celebration

Summer is coming to an end, well I don’t know if that is true for Texas but here in Northern Germany you can feel it. You can have lunch and afternoon tea outdoors but in the evening you cherish the comfort of a blanket. I always did like the end of summer; there is something special in the air.

Maybe it is the sound of the shofar, preparing us for things to come. A wake up call so that we start to look inwards and take count of our actions this past year.

Although we do no longer live like our ancestors we still cherish and respect our traditions and holidays, especially around Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Our upcoming holy days are still relevant.

During the past year all of us intentionally or not have made mistakes, caused misunderstandings and frustrations and that way we either harmed others or ourselves.
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur go hand in hand. We introspect and then we ask for forgiveness as individuals and as a community.


Regret and renewal come together in celebration.

I hope that we all find these quiet moments to reflect on some of the missteps we took. I am sure that deep in our hearts we did not mean to do anything wrong but in the hectic lives that we all live, we might have overstepped and we should be conscious that we did.

I have to say that I will miss our high holy days and the significance they represent, I am not sure if Steve and I will be able to attend services here in Europe, I am not sure that we will find a community to share these moments with.

Maybe we will, maybe we will be on our own,

Shana Tova
Sibylle Jacobs Co Chair Social Action