YAK! New Social Group Targets Jewish Singles Between 60 and 75

From the official press release

A new social and support group forming in Dallas will bring together single Jewish men and women between the ages of 60 and 75 to help an underserved population find new friends and cope with life transitions.

Marni Weiss, with support from Jewish Family Service and the Dallas JCC Senior Adult Department, is spearheading the effort

“to be proactive in our search for engagement and meaning in our changed lives.”

“It’s a time of life that can be very difficult for people who lose a spouse through death or divorce,” said Weiss, who was widowed last year. “We can network ourselves to a feeling of belonging and inclusion, make a difference for us and basically build a micro – community of others who also share our challenges. ”

An initial gathering is scheduled for :

7 p.m. Saturday, March 24,
at Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill,
1601 North Central Expressway in Richardson.

No registration is required and there is no cost to attend, but participants will buy their own dinner.

Weiss’ husband, Dallas Morning News journalist Jeff Weiss, eloquently chronicled his battle with brain cancer in the newspaper until his death in October 2017.
She said she was inspired to start the group to help others like herself facing a new and difficult period in their lives.

“We’re not kids, but we’re certainly not old,” she said. “I think of us as Young Alte Kockers (a humorous Yiddish term for old coot), or YAK – and we’ll certainly do plenty of that.”

She envisions activities ranging from informal meetups to group travel, social events to service projects, shopping trips to cooking classes.
“I expect a lot of people to have great ideas, and we can take this in many directions,” she said. “Losing someone at this stage of life leaves a real void, and this group can help fill that.”

Katherine Rubenstein, senior adult program director at the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center of Dallas, said the initiative “will meet this extraordinary need in Dallas. People constantly ask me about such a very necessary group for the “tween-age seniors.”

Susan Avery, president of the Southwest Jewish Congress, agreed. “This new group will fill a much needed place in Dallas Jewish singles population, while also including community service,” she said.

In addition to frequent events, the group also plans a large online presence.
To join sign up on meetup.com.  and follow them on Facebook