Make your Black Friday count!

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly. Next week, my family will be watching this game again where guys in strange outfits bump into each other and try to catch a weird shaped ball getting thrown in the air. They play about 2 minutes and then there is a 15 minute commercial break. I believe that game is called football :-).

While my family watches football they will giggle, make fun of each other, snack, talk, and be happy.

In the meantime, I will try to not cook the turkey upside down or serve it with a chocolate sauce. While the delicious turkey smell embalms the air, cat and dog will watch the food network, aka my oven.

Both will stare at the oven window and watch the bird get its golden color.

During the afternoon the cat-dog team will team up to make me drop sour cream, cheese, or other delicacies. Cat will most likely come in between my feet to try to make me trip while dog will come from the opposite side hopping up and down to try to get me out of balance.

They’ll do about anything to get a taste of the Thanksgiving food.

My silly cat-dog team makes me think of funny Black Friday scenes, where ladies battle over sweaters, toys and other ridiculously low-priced items.

Some will have a plan of attack; others will camp out in front of stores and be in close cell phone contact with their families.

Usually I avoid all of it, but this year I decided that I would take advantage of some of the low-priced deals. However, I will not sit in front of a store for hours but I may check out couple of places over the weekend.

What I will be looking for is new warm clothes for children in need. The fact is that Adat Chaverim Social Action will start a coat drive right after Thanksgiving.

Social Action will collect coats and any other warm items, such as sweaters, socks, scarfs, and hats. All items will go to the local homeless shelter.

When I checked my closet just today there was nothing that I could give away. Items on the “take me out of the closet list” were in bad shape and could not be handed down.

So my decision is made, I will take advantage of the Black Friday deals.


We have a lot of homeless people in North Texas and many of them are children.

I feel powerless when thinking about those without homes. I know my contribution will be a drop in the bucket but maybe that drop will make somebody feel better. Somebody will have the feeling that we do care, and that there is help and empathy in this world.

So I am asking all of you, if your closet is empty make your Black Friday count.

You will not know who will receive your donation but in your heart, you will know that you gifted somebody with warmth.

Is that not the nicest thing to be thankful for?

Sibylle Jacobs – Social Action Chair