President’s Kol Nidre Appeal

G’mar chatimah tovah.  May you be sealed in the book of life for a good year.


Here I am –  my last Kol Nidre appeal.

To me this this is a bittersweet moment, from now on I will be able to enjoy services with my wife and family. I will not have to torture my brain to come up with new ways to get you to contribute to the Kol Nidre Appeal

I loved my involvement and my attempts to make Adat Chaverim the synagogue that we all want it to be – together with you.


Albert Einstein once said:  ” The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”


With all the turmoil in the world from terrorism and war to hunger and disease it is more important now then ever to maintain a strong, vital synagogue that will send the message to the world that Judaism is strong and doing well.  Over 100 years ago Solomon Schechter stated that the synagogue was an oasis in a wilderness of exile, a place where weary travelers could find meaning and companionship. It was a force for cohesion and the teaching of social values, and to support the synagogue is of ultimate significance.



Here at Adat Chaverim we have over 350 individuals over the age of 18 that are members of our community of friends, but only about 25% of that number participate on a regular basis, serve on committees, and make major financial donations to the synagogue.  We owe many thanks to the 25%. For the other 75%:  what does that mean?

Does it mean you think everything is great?

Does it mean you don’t like the way things are done here?

Or does it mean you don’t know?


The Simon and Garfunkel song of the 60’s “The Sounds of Silence”, begins with the line “Hello Darkness My Old Friend”, and goes on to talk about the Sounds of Silence,

yes, silence and darkness go hand in hand.


We must not be silent.  Synagogues have suffered from this silence:  a lack of money a lack of participation – in some cases it forced to close, merge or institute reductions in programming and other cost saving measures.

When available money falls short a synagogue must cut back on programming activities, silence takes over.

Then there is silence and darkness.



I believe that you are satisfied and proud of the extensive activities and programming we offer here at Adat Chaverim and you want it to continue.  Do not be silent.


Send the message to all that we are strong, robust, and brilliant. Do not let anyone interpret your silence as they please.

Be silent NO MORE.


Tonight, demonstrate your support to Adat Chaverim by making your voice heard.

Show your support by making the largest donation to the synagogue that you can possibly afford and make it more than you have ever given before.


Our congregation depends on the funds received from the Kol Nidre appeal to ensure programming and all the activities we offer. I am sure you are aware that your dues cover only a portion of our expenses.  We need your extra financial help.


It will allow our synagogue to continue to offer vibrant programming, an award winning Religious School, a synagogue where we can study, pray, and perform community-outreach.  Your money will support the infrastructure and allow us to continue to offer the services and friendly environment you have come to expect that makes you feel at home.


It will allow us to make the statement that we are proud to be Jewish, proud of our freedom of religion as citizens of the United States.


So tonight, open your hearts, give with an open-heart, give more than you have given in the past.  Stop the silence, be loud, make your voice heard loud and clear.

Adat Chaverim needs your support and your generosity.  Please support our Kol Nidre Appeal.  


Good Yontif – may the New Year bring joy, good health, and peace to your lives and throughout the world.