Top Ten Reasons I will Never Join A Synagogue – But Why You Might Want To Join Adat Chaverim

1  I don’t want to be a member of a synagogue; I just want to be there when I need it. 

Adat Chaverim is a community of friends; try us out before you join. Try a High Holy Days Service, a learning session, A random Shabbat Service … but keep in mind, without your membership support, we simply could not be here.

2 I don’t like services. 

Adat Chaverim is about more than just services! Our calendar is filed with many different kinds of events, programs, classes and spiritual experiences. We are also exploring ways to redefine services and try new ideas.

3 I hated Hebrew School. 

Many of us were also turned off by Hebrew School but things have changed. Check out a Sunday morning at Adat Chaverim, our children love to come. After 8th grade they even stay to become teaching assistants and/or graduate from Hebrew High School.

4 I do not believe in God. 

We here at Adat Chaverim are constantly questioning, grappling, doubting and exploring. Questioning keeps things interesting.

5 I only go once a year anyway. 

Once you become a member, you might be surprised to find that you want to come more often.

6 My wife/husband/partner isn’t Jewish. 

Adat Chaverim welcomes everyone. We’re proud of the diversity within our membership – interfaith, single, gay, couples, families, reform, conservative, … become another friend in our community of friends.

7 I don’t like organized religion. 

Believe us, we are not that organized.

8 I don’t want my level of observance/non-observance to be judged by others. 

Here at Adat Chaverim we are not your parents, you observe as much and as often as you wish, find your own pace, create your own traditions.

9 I am spiritual but not religious… actually I am culturally Jewish, but not into ritual… actually, I’m just not sure what being a Jew means in the 21st century…. 

Join Adat Chaverim and we can discover it together

10 I am just not interested. 

Are you so sure? You are reading this, aren’t you, you are curious, so take the next step.