Yom Ha’Shoah – Never Forget

Every year we honor the six millions lost during the terrible times of the Holocaust.

Never Forget !

This year our Yom Ha’Shoah commemoration will be very unique experience based on the Passover Seder.

As we commemorate the memory of the lost and celebrate our survival we will be reading
“Gathering from the Whirlwind” – a Hagaddah for Yom Ha’Shoah.

This seder commemorates the events of the Holocaust as the Passover Seder commemorates the Exodus. (It) aims to recognize that once again evil people tried to kill us, but they failed.  We are still here and we celebrate our survival, even as we honor our lost and remember the terrible things that happened to us.

We hope that you will participate and join us on April 23 – RSVP needed by April 20 to office@adatchaverim.org.

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