Passover Greetings from Rabbi Ben Sternman & Steve Jacobs, President

Dear Congregants,

Passover marks a uniquely special time in the Jewish calendar, commemorating Judaism’s foremost traditions of freedom, faith and family.

Your are most likely in the midst of preparations, ready to unite with your families and friends to celebrate, follow our traditions and read again our story of exodus which celebrates our liberation from slavery.

Our story is timeless, we have passed it down from generation to generation.

It has given strength and courage to many men and women over the years; and to name just a few:

  • Jews facing anti-Semitism throughout history,
  • Civil Rights Leaders who led America towards justice and equality

Passover – the Festival of Renewal – the renewal of hope in the blessings of freedom.

Keep in mind that freedom is a precious gift and even now in the 21st century not all people are free.

While you enjoy your Seder, think of people who are not yet free; and keep them in your prayers, so that hopefully one day they will be,


Chag Sameach
Rabbi Ben Sternman, Steve Jacobs President