Sing! Pray! Be Social!

It’s Friday Night, most of us worked a full week or if you are in retail like me, it is just an evening off before another 12 hour day.
Whatever it is, it is the end of the week and you are tired, you have one thought in mind, stay home and relax.

For most of us, that is probably impossible, we are expected to go out with the family, take one of the kids –  if not multiple kids – somewhere to do something they like,  hang out with friends or take our spouse out for dinner.

We know time is the most precious value in our lives.

We are Reform Jews, so Friday night is also the beginning of Shabbat, if we are very observant or not, Friday night is the beginning of Shabbat.  On Shabbat we distinguish a day of rest from our so busy schedule.

Reform Jews can observe Shabbat in many ways, we can just disconnect, we can stay with family and friends, we can do something for ourselves or we can come to Shabbat Services.

Any of these scenarios will help us to reflect on our lives but actually coming to Shabbat Services and spending 2 hours with our community can make it extra special.

I am asking you to take one Friday night of the month, any Friday night of the month and attend Shabbat Services at Adat Chaverim.

I am asking you to bring your family, your friends, sing with your community, pray with your community, stay for the Oneg or go out to dinner with other congregants, but experience the spiritual & social component of Shabbat inside your own Jewish community.

If you feel guilty now, if my message hit your heart, then I have accomplished my goal, for the next two months come and attend one Friday night Shabbat Service – you might like it again – renew with your Jewish values from your childhood – listen to the voice of your parents, come for a blessing, come to attend Shabbat with all of us

Steve Jacobs
President of Adat Chaverim