There is beauty in the world

Lately anti-Semitism has filled the news, vandalism in synagogues, desecration of Jewish cemeteries, bomb threats in Jewish Schools or JCCs and more.

Even here in Dallas, our JCC was under a bomb threat, a swastika was placed on a pole on a highway, a Jewish student was bullied at his University and there was probably more.

Anti-Semitism, we know has always existed through history and every society faces hate and intolerance. There is always one group that hates another because of their faith, race, gender or other trait. It seems to never end.

When I watched the movie Patriots Day, I loved the ending, Boston is not in fear but the terrible events united people and out of the attack on innocent people came love, love that bonded the city together, as a response to evil.

So the question is what will we do when we see a hate crime, how will we react?
Will it bond us together and will we come together to help, stand up?
Will others bond with us and stand up with us?

After the desecration of the Jewish cemetery in Missouri, two Muslim activists raised $20,000 in donations among Muslims through a crowd funding website.
The goal was reached in hours; the site is still going and has reached out to Philadelphia as well.
Here is the webite

This is feel good news; it shows that despite hatred real “menschen” still exist.

During the cleanup after the Philadelphia events, many people volunteered, people from various horizons and amongst them a Catholic landscaper.

Other people stood up, for example a Chicago-area Marine veteran who is Muslim volunteered to stand guard at any synagogue or Jewish cemetery.

It goes both ways, the Jewish community stepped in and helped the Islamic Society of New Tampa when arson damaged their property.

There is no answer on why some people hate others for their face, gender, race … but there is still beauty in the world, every individual counts. Any act of loving-kindness brings people together and erases evil.

When we all stand together or when we all stand up for what is right we show our best value as human beings. It is important that we transmit these values to our children.