Response to the Orlando Shooting

To all the Congregants of Adat Chaverim,
Since Sunday morning our hearts are saddened. We do not have words and we offer our condolences, support and prayers to the victims and their families of the Orlando mass shooting attack.
As Jews, we have been impacted many times by violence and terror attacks, recently and over the course of our history.
We, Adat Chaverim, and other Reform Jewish Congregations worldwide stand united in denouncing all violence and discrimination towards any group that is looked upon as being different.

The Torah tells us to love the stranger. We need to live by the principles of the Torah and keep our arms and hearts open and welcome everyone, regardless of sexual preference, gender identification, race, religion, or any other trait.
We are all human, we all matter, we all have been created equal and for a purpose.

We have to be inclusive, and we know are proud to say that we, Adat Chaverim – the Community of Friends, are and always will be inclusive.


Yes, when we watched the news this morning, we saw all the violent and ugly images of the shooting, but then we also saw the long lines of people in the hospitals donating blood to help the victims. We know that we all feel helpless, but this simple act of giving blood takes a little bit away of the destitution that we feel.

It also shows the world that there is hope and there are people who care.


As a call to action we encourage you to keep your hearts open. We don’t respond to hatred with hatred, tolerance and inclusiveness are the key.


If possible, please attend this coming Friday night’s services and let us say together for all the victims of ­Orlando – as a message of hope – Kaddish Yatom.




Steve Jacobs – President & the Board of Trustees