Chag Sameach

Dear Community of Friends,

Sibylle and I would like to send all of you our Passover greetings.

May your homes be filled with friends and family and wonderful scents of Passover cooking.

This morning I was thinking back at the time when I was to recite the 4 questions.

Before each Seder my mother and father would take out our old family Hagaddah and by the stains in the book they could tell which Passover it referred to.

The wine stain on page 5, that was when aunt Roz accidentally spilled Elijah’s cup, the chocolate mark right by: “… and now dinner will be served” came from all the children sneaking in desert before the main course.

And there was a grease spot from the soup, and candle wax and many other little accidents that had occurred and that hat shaped our family Haggadah.
The booklet was nothing really special but each stain or spot was a sweet memory that brought laughter and togetherness.

Needless to say, I loved Passover and not just only the Matzo Ball Soup.

I know that today there are many Haggadah versions,

  • the goofy Facebook one,
  • the unique one made out of our children’s drawings,
  • the themed Bob Marley one,
  • the beautiful one with medieval prints,

whatever you choose, the story is universal and will have the same meaning applied and renewed each year.
Your gathering, your Seder will make it unique and meaningful for you as your bring your personal memories into your own Haggadah.

For anyone wondering,

“Why is this Haggadah different from all other Haggadot?,”

one answer could be,

“this is the one my family uses.”

Chag Sameach

Steve Jacobs, President