A couple of weeks ago Steve and I did a road trip. We like to do those because it is mainly the only time when we can unwind and have real conversations.

In general day-to-day we are always just rushing through the door here and there.


Of course our conversation was around Adat Chaverim and finding a new home.
We are both so excited about acquiring the land for our new home and all the milestones that are in front of us.
The question came to why are we so excited and why did we contribute.


Looking back at our parents we realized that we are coming from a family of givers.

Steve’s parents were highly engaged in their synagogue and donated time and money to strengthen the Jewish roots in their community.


My parents were involved in many causes, my dad was a big shot at Amnesty International and he donated time and money to work against injustice.

My mother watched a group of under privileged children several times a week and did homework with them. She also volunteered at a center for children with disabilities and she took them to museums or a walk in the park.


Steve and I give, Steve gives to Adat Chaverim, he is very involved, as you all know. Besides our synagogue he also supports other charities such as Caring Hearts or the Assistance Center.

I support my causes or charities by running and fundraising, from Komen to Saint Jude’s to the New York City Road Runners.


Looking forward, our four children all give time and a little bit of cash to causes they cherish. I think Steve and I set the example and we hitchhiked the road our parents were on and now our children will continue it.


So yes giving to Adat Chaverim’s new home is natural and it is about leaving a legacy for the next generation but it is also an opportunity.

We have the opportunity to build the future, right here and then.
Giving is a different level for everyone and it is a Jewish tradition to give from the heart at a level that is meaningful to you.

So take this opportunity, be part of the future and make it meaningful to you.


The highest form of giving according to Maimonides is when you reach out to somebody and help him to become self-sufficient.

That is what our gift and your gift will do, Adat Chaverim will be standing on its own feet in its new building and will be self-sufficient. Adat Chaverim in its new envelope will attract new members with families and the story of Adat Chaverim will continue and will grow.


Let’s continue the Journey to our new home together!

Give ! Act ! Join !