Lucky Luke the stray Cat reporting Live from Shabbark Shalom

Silently I approached from the back. Nobody would hear me or see me. I climbed the nearest tree and once I was at a secure distance I looked down.


An assembly of humans; each of them with at least one captured dog, some had more.
How can I tell the dogs are captured?
Well all of them have a collar around their neck and are attached to a human by a rope. The dogs had to go where the human want them to go.
But you know how dogs are, they wiggle their tails, bark and sniff each other, they did not seem to mind the rope.


I took a closer look, these were the same humans I saw last year. They must have made it through the winter. Maybe they found a warm box, just like I did.


There were three humans without a dog, two seemed to be together and my cat sense told me that they were most likely cat capturers. Their cat was probably a diva, with a shiny collar lazing in the sun, eating mushy food and having a contract with mice and rabbits.

I heard stories of cats sharing food with mice and in exchange the mice don’t show up when the humans are around.

Captivity can do strange things to you. Captivity plays with your mind.


All the humans brought offerings from cat and dog food to toys and sand in boxes.

Sand in boxes is a strange gift; I am not sure what one would do with it.

Maybe it’s a dog thing?


The food looked good though and I had to dissuade myself not to jump down and try to get some of it.


The other human without a dog then called all the humans and dogs to gather around him.

Everybody seemed to listen to him. The crowd became quiet and the human without a dog talked about humans and animals. He said that humans have to respect and love animals. Animals are the companions of humans. Animals require cuddles, food and playtime.

I kind of like this guy andI have to agree with him.


Maybe captivity is not so bad after all; I will have to rethink the concept.