Schultz Family Leadership Fellows to Israel

Last fall, I applied and was accepted to a new initiative by the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas for Jewish leaders in the DFW area, specifically the Schultz Family Leadership Fellows is a program that aims to deepen the connection that emerging and current leaders in the Dallas Jewish community have to Israel and to their Jewish identity, while inspiring to connect more deeply to the Dallas community’s work in Israel and around the world.  This program is so generously made possible by the Schultz Family Foundation.

My first step started on a Sunday afternoon last December with 8 other area Jewish leaders.


Some of our common traits included different community leadership positions in Dallas area agencies, organizations and synagogues.  But one of our main similarities was our lack of first hand experience of traveling to Israel.  Come this June, we will all  travel as a group for 10 days across Israel visiting with Israeli leaders from Jerusalem to the Kinesset.  And hopefully including  trips to some of Israel’s natural wonders, from Masada to the Western Wall.

Yesterday, my travel bookings were completed, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m planning on extending my trip and having Michelle come join me so I can take in more of what Israel has to share from a visitor’s perspective.

I look forward to sharing more about this entire experience as I prepare.