Land under contract – by Lorne the Tree

My name is Lorne and I am a tree, a huge tree with mighty roots. I have been on this land since I was a little stick. The land used to be a prairie, cows used to walk by and enjoy the shade of my older brothers.

As I grew, the land evolved: dirt roads, asphalted roads, a highway, and a neighborhood with beautiful homes.

I lost some of my friends during the process but we trees count on squirrels, our roots and the wind to be reborn.

Birds like me, they build nests on my branches. Other animals use me to spot their prey. I have many occupations.

As I grew older and stronger I learned that I could wiggle my branches and the wind would bring knowledge to me.

This is how I recently learned that the land I am standing on is under contract by a local synagogue and that the plan is to build their new home on my grounds.

I am excited; I imagine a new building and children playing outside in my shade during a school break.

I imagine outdoor services in my shade.

I imagine people looking up to me and telling me that I am huge and beautiful. I imagine them admiring me as I go through the seasons.

Besides I heard that Jews celebrate the new year of the trees, I do not know what that means, will they hang decorations on my branches? I love to look fancy.

I need to learn more about this New Year of the trees, hopefully I will see clearer as things progress.

I have witnessed many things and I look forward to witness the arrival of the Community of Friends on my grounds.