We’re On Our Way!

I was so excited to hear this week that Adat Chaverim has signed a contract to purchase land for our future home!  If you’re not familiar with the land that we’ve chosen, it’s at the corner of Lebanon and Batsford in Frisco, but the major intersection is actually Lebanon and Independence.  It’s only about 4 miles due north of our current location and I’m already dreaming of all that we can do together in a new home for our congregation.

I admit that it can be daunting because there is an enormous amount of work to do to before we can move into our own home, but we have started and our vision is becoming a reality.  I am incredibly grateful to all the people who have put in the time and effort to get us to this point, but more importantly, I am grateful to be a part of our community that created our shared vision for the future.

The vision we’ve created together isn’t actually about a shiny new building, even if that will be nice, but all the things we’ll be able to do that we can’t do or can’t do to the same extent now.  Our gym is good, but it will be nice to have an outdoor playscape for the kids.  We have a beautiful sanctuary, but it will be nice to also have an outdoor prayer space to bring us closer to God, praying amongst God’s creations.  It will be nice to have enough gathering spaces for adults or kids, places to meet or just hang out.  It will be nice to have classrooms that will enhance the learning atmosphere for our kids and for adults as well.  I mean, we’ll actually have full height walls!  It will be nice to have a real kitchen to prepare communal meals and share our simchas together.  It will be nice to have a focus for the Reform Jewish Community here in Collin County.

It’s first steps and early days, yet I am very excited to see the future of our congregation and the Reform Jewish Community begin to become a reality.  I hope you are too.


  1. That’s going to be 4 miles from my house. When will you be moving there?

    1. rabbindav says:

      First we have to buy the land and we are in the five month due diligence phase after which we would need to close. After that, architectural plans and actual building. Since I’m a rabbi and not a contractor, I would imagine that actual moving couldn’t possibly take place faster than 3 years but probably longer than that. As I wrote, we’ve taken first steps on a long journey.

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