Naming My Rookie Mistakes

I mentioned that I’m new to blogging and already I’ve made a couple of rookie mistakes. First, I asked for comments not realizing that the comments were turned off. Oops. Apparently, there are spammers who post ‘comments’ that are really ads. I had no idea this was a thing. The few blogs that I’ve read in the past have always had comments.

The second rookie mistake was my name: rabbindav. I used a twist on a traditional naming convention to choose my pen name, but I should have realized that what was obvious to me would be completely mystifying to most other people. Take one of the most famous Rabbis in Jewish history: Rashi. That’s not actually his name, just his naming convention. Rashi’s name was actually RAbbi SHlomo Yitzhaki, or Rabbi Solomon son of Isaac. But if you take the RA, the SH and the Y (changed to an I) you get Rashi. It saves time when you quote his commentary, which we do a lot. For my name, I took RABbi BINyamin DAVid (Rabbi Benjamin David Sternman) and created rabbindav.  Which of course nobody would have any reason to recognize. Again: oops.

In any case, if you do have topics that you would like me to address, please don’t put them into the comments section since that’s been turned off. Please do email me. You can get my email off of our Adat Chaverim website. You didn’t really think I was going to put my email on a blog post, did you? I may be a rookie, but I’m not THAT naive!

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  1. Gila says:

    Comments seem to be working now, hooray!

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