We are Adat Chaverim

A word from our President:

Welcome members, guests, family and friends to our URJ award winning Super Shabbat.

First let me thank Rabbi Sternman for leading us in prayer. Jonathan Goldstein for filling our Sanctuary with spirit through song. Thank you to our Brotherhood and Sisterhood for their participation in this wonderful service and a special thank you to our amazing membership committee and chairperson Faith Retsky.
The membership committee should be very proud of tonight’s festivities. I am sure you will have another award in the future for putting this Super Shabbat together.

Adat Chaverim is a very special community. Translated it means community of friends and tonight with so many of us being here we truly show that we are both a community and we are all friends.
To our new members who have joined Adat Chaverim in 2015 and who we are honoring tonight we welcome you to our family. You like the members who have been here longer are as vital to our synagogue as anyone else. We hope you will get involved in Adat Chaverim and realize that your involvement will be appreciated.

We are at an exciting crossroad in our history.
On February 14th I hope that every member will join me and attend our special congregational meeting where with your approval we will take our first step in the purchase of land where we will construct the future home of our synagogue.

Are you excited? I truly am.
At the public Livnot event I quoted Theodore Herzl and told you:

If we will it anything can happen.

This is the continuation of our journey. It began 19 years ago and has continued to this point today where we now stand on the threshold of insuring our future home for the next generation. Together for us to succeed no matter how long you have been a member we need your full participation.
I encourage each of you to visit the Livnot Table during our Oneg for any questions you might have or to schedule your Linot Appointment.

Before I finish with all of the announcements in our handout tonight, I want you to know that I, your President and your Board of Trustees really appreciate and respect all of you – our members.
We share our love of Adat Chaverim, we are here for each other, we listen, we help, we comfort.

We are Adat Chaverim.
We are the community of friends.