Why? is the question – our answers may vary


“Why?” Like many of you, I ask myself this question over and over since it pertains to all aspects of my life. I don’t plan to review all parts of my life here, but I would like to share my answer to “Why?” since it influences my involvement in Adat Chaverim.

Many a night I have either stayed awake or awakened in the middle of the night, thinking about why I am so in- volved and committed to Adat Chaverim. Some of you know this from the emails I send you at all times of the night. Certainly my life would be less stressful if I was not so involved. I would have more time to spend with my wife, my children and my friends. I definitely would have more time to participate in activities I enjoy such as travel and golf.

President Steve Jacobs

So then, “Why?” I have looked inside myself and tried to understand what it is that drives me to do certain things and to be the type of person I am. I inherited a work ethic that con- siders a 60-hour work week normal. I have always felt deeply about helping those who need my help, even if it would be easier to ignore them.

Still, why is Adat Chaverim, our Community of Friends, so important to me? First I think it helps that I was instilled with a strong belief in the spirit of Judaism, even though I am not overly knowledgeable when it comes to our Biblical teachings.

I was taught what the moral responsibilities of Reform Judaism were all about. One of those convictions is that it is vital for me, and hopefully all Jews, to get involved and leave this world a better place, and to keep the tenets of Reform Judaism alive and prospering for generations to come.

I am committed and involved with Adat Chaverim so that we as a people and as a Com- munity of Friends will prosper and flourish for now and the future.

As your president, this is what I ask from you, my Community of Friends: get involved, help Adat Chaverim grow and prosper. Help Adat Chaverim build a new home. Contribute to our Capital Campaign and spread the word. Volunteer where and when you can. Help us build this home for present and future generations.

Then, if you are like me and these thoughts are keeping you up at night, the answers to why you are involved with Adat Chaverim — though they might be different from mine — will have great significance for you.

Your President – Steve Jacobs