The Ring

I have heard the most exciting news about my future!
I get to be a part of building a beautiful, new synagogue!  This is going to be a place where all are welcome to come together for worship and fellowship.  I can see people gathering with wide smiles for joyous celebrations and huddled together in support during dark days.

Like most, I have been through these kinds of things myself.  I remember the tears of joy in the eyes of a member of this congregation when she first saw me and was asked the question and I was slipped on her finger.  I sat proudly on that finger for 13 years through the good and bad times.

It was a terrible day for both of us when she slipped me off and stuck me in a box.  I was locked away in a bank vault and didn’t see her for a long time.
Four years later, my box was opened and there she was and I could see she had made it through the darkness and there was a peace in her eyes.

I heard about the wonderful people she had met and the second family she had formed that had helped to lift her up.   I realized that she probably would never have met this incredible community of friends if we had not parted ways.

When she told me her plan for my future, I was excited that I would be out in the open to shine once again, my many facets catching the light and creating all kinds of kaleidoscopes of rainbows.  The money from my sale will help to fund the new home for this community of friends.

Who knows, maybe I will be on a finger at the front of the beautiful, new sanctuary as two people start a new life together!


By Jill Jacobson