Shabark Shalom,

Over a year ago we did our first pet blessing ceremony and I have to say that I was a little apprehensive when all of a sudden all these doggies filled up the little park by our library.

Tiny dogs, huge dogs, skinny, fat, furry, funny looking, begging to play, trying to get a piece of my sandwich …. they were so much fun and none of them even thought about picking a fight. It was amazing.

I could not bring my cat Micah, but I blessed her in my thoughts and imagined that she would sit on top of the tree watching over us and mocking all the roaming around.

Then we followed a wonderful presentation of trained dogs who jump fences, run around obstacles and do anything just to please us.

Again I thought of my cat on top of the tree laughing and saying to itself :” you don’t have to do all this just for food”.

And while Micah is curled up on my feet right now looking from time to time over the article, I can tell you that we will bless our pets again, our friends and companions.
Join us March 20th at the park by the little library.

Let us celebrate all the beloved animals in our lives,
they are our companions and friends.
The wonderful dogs and all their joy and energy,
the amazing cats who rule us and are our masters,
our gerbils and hamsters and bunny rabbits and fish,
the birds that flap in the cages wishing they were free but loving to be with us,
and all other animals that make us smiles or curious.
Let us celebrate each and everyone of them and all the joy they bring to us and thank G-d for the blessing that they provide our lives.