Giving Is Your Opportunity

An old man was planting a sapling by the side of the road when a stranger stopped and asked, “Why are you planting a tree at your age? It will be many years before it provides fruit and shade. You may not live to enjoy it.” The man replied, “All my life I have enjoyed food and shade provided by those who came before me. As my ancestors planted for me, I plant now for my children and my children’s children.”
The Talmud

Adat Chaverim is embarking on its first capital campaign since it was founded to ensure that we will have a Reform Jewish Campus right here in North Texas for us and for future generations.

Each member of the Board of Directors has pledged financial support to the Capital Campaign. Additionally, several fellow congregants have come forward with generous pledges to help us begin the Capital Campaign with a boost.

We hope that each of you will participate, providing gifts that rise to the best of your giving ability, and demonstrate your support of our community of friends.
Every member should participate at a financial level that is both personally meaningful and reflects your recognition of the role that Adat Chaverim plays in your own life and in the life of the Jewish community of North Texas. Your participation plants a sapling that will provide food and shade for our future, just as those who preceded us provided for our needs.

We offer you this opportunity to be there for Adat Chaverim. Please remember that everyone’s gift is vital to Cultivating Our Future.

As our first milestone is purchasing land, our ultimate goal is to build our own building so that our congregation can:

Grow faster and fully benefit from the influx of Jewish families to Collin County.
Increase its visibility and profile in the greater Dallas Jewish community.
Offer sufficient capacity and suitable facilities for worship, study sessions, meetings, organizational gatherings, and life cycle and large events.
Enjoy our own outdoor green space to enhance our services and communal experiences, and connect the role of nature and the environment to Judaism.
Have proper, state-of-the art classrooms to foster a better learning atmosphere.
Provide a tasteful venue for the celebration of simchas within our community.
Help us build our future by making your gift and sharing your commitment to help others understand the importance of this sacred endeavor.
Give ! Act ! Join !